In 2020 Ronak founded STAY CURIOUS. A multi-disciplinary creative platform, set up in Norway and Sweden to channel themes around identity, existential questions and arts. A hub for both past and ongoing activities. The expression is through discussions, words, paintings, stills, moving images, and more. 


Ronak was dedicated to the Energy Sector. With her masters degree in Engineering Physics she started working 2007 in Stockholm city. Two years later she became an goverment agent at Swedish Energy Agency in Eskilstuna. Still longing for a challenge, she moved to Haugesund 2012. And surely, you get what you wish for...


In early summer 2015 Ronak spent a several weeks in Los Angeles taking Art classes in downtown LA, painting on Venice Beach and visiting as many museums and galleries as possible. Her Curiousity was hungry for more, so she decided to make creation her full-time job.