I am Ronak. Artist, Advisor & Seeker.


In early summer 2015 I spent a long vacation in Los Angeles taking Art classes in downtown LA, painting on Venice Beach and visiting as many museums and galleries that I could.
I could not get enough. So I decided to make creation and expansion my full-time job.


I was actually totally dedicated to the Energy Sector. Persuing studies in both Paris and Uppsala where I finally took a masters degree in Engineering Physics.
2007, I started working in Stockholm city. Two years later I decided to work for the Swedish Energy Agency in Eskilstuna. After a few years I moved to Haugesund, Norway longing for a challenge. And surely, I got what I was looking for... (more on my professionell career)


I comute between Norway and Sweden where I work on my short films, paintings and consulting.

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Here you can taste some of my work or collaborations together with other artists and creators.

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